Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mahko's Knife gets a new review

“Mahko's Knife” just got another 5-star review. “Caz” wrote: “Having been a long time Jack Reacher fan, I am happy to follow another "hero" named Mahko. Mahko is as skilled and dangerous as Reacher, but not as imposing. Mahko has roots and heart. He has relationships that are real. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mahko's Knife and look forward to following this character in the future.”
It always feels good when people like what you do. While we all say that we write for ourselves, that is only partially correct. If we only wrote for ourselves we would have a computer full of books and the Indie Book movement would not exist.
Mahko's Knife was the first book in the series. I wrote the prequel, “Mahko's Price,” second and the sequel, “Mahko's Gift” last. I wrote the first two out of order because that is the way they came to me. As a writer, I can do strange things like that.

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