Friday, April 27, 2012

FaceBook Posts of Where this Election is Going

I have discussed with a number of friends my opinion that this is going to be the least civil election in my lifetime and I was there for the nuclear blast aimed at the Goldwater campaign. I anticipate the candidates, or super pacs on their behalf, working overtime to out-Willie Horton each other. I see the Obama camp playing to class warfare issues and the Romney camp tip-toeing along racial issues wrapped in the economy.
I am going to do what I can to keep track of the attack claims against the candidates. I think that maintaining that list will give a good feel for the desperation, anger, frustration and general lack of civility in the supporters of the various candidates.
I will do this, and update it periodically, based on posts that I get from “friends” on my newsfeed. I have an eclectic group of friends who love and hate the candidates in equal measure.
I will do this periodic report without my personal comment. Readers of my Blog are free to comment as they wish.
The newest sport is the posting of photos of the candidates with a caption added to the photo.
Since yesterday 4/26/12 I have received posts (many times multiple posts):

Pro-Obama and/or anti-Romney:
Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life ( a continuing issue).
Romney's wealth puts him out of touch.
(Captioned photo) Ann Romney's difficult decision is which of the five homes they own to be a homemaker in (again a continuing issue).

Pro-Romney and/or anti-Obama
Ann Romney's decision to stay home and raise her children is noble and a difficult job.
Obama is foreign born (a continuing issue)
Obama is a socialist (a continuing issue)
Obama is a terrorist (a continuing issue)
Obama is working to destroy to Constitution and delete sections of the Bill of Rights (a continuing issue)
(Captioned photo) Obama claiming wanting the Catholic church to help convince people he is the Messiah.
(Cartoon) Obama resisting states' attempts to patrol their own boarders and create a state immigration enforcement policy.
(Cartoons) Two Attacks on Obama's college speeches and staff visits as blatant campaigning on the public dime.
(Captioned photo) Eric Holder taking a new oath to defend and uphold: race warfare, incompetence, corruption, gun running and the killing of federal officers
(Cartoon) Attack on the GSA “meeting” in Vegas
(Captioned photo) Obama “deleting” sections of the Bill of Rights.

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