Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank god for NCs Amendment 1

Thank god for Amendment 1

Now that North Carolina has passed Amendment 1 and attached the defense of traditional marriage to the state constitution, Tar Heel staters can breathe a sigh of relief. I have to wish that I was with you.
I spent many years living in the state of North Carolina (formerly known as the GREAT state of North Carolina) and, since I left I have had many friends call to ask how my marriage of 41 years can stand the constant pressure and attacks from hoards of married gay and lesbian couples. That's right, I live in one of those states that legalizes that untraditional affront to religion.
Let me tell you, it's been hard. Living in a state that allows same-sex marriage is not easy. The state is beautiful, progressive and caring. It's working on a universal healthcare program and already has healthcare provisions that allow almost everyone to be covered.
The addition of same-sex marriage has put an increasing burden on the population. It is as though thousands of couples trained in secret Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses camps had moved in. Not an hour goes by that a gay or lesbian couple is not knocking on my door asking my wife and I to split up and join them.
It's hard to drive them away. The men are all so stylishly dressed and offer to rearrange our furniture and pick out a new wardrobe for me — for free!
The women, initially intimidating, offer to rebuild the engine on my car and teach me martial arts.
Resistance is difficult because they keep coming and won't stop. My wife and I have held on to our traditional marriage vows. I can see her wavering as she looks at our furniture and sees what could be, and I really do need an engine rebuild and help matching my ties and shirts.
Now that POTUS has backed same-sex marriage pressure is even greater. At first I thought that it was a short-sighted position to take and then I remembered that he has the Secret Service keeping those people away from his door and protecting him....okay, maybe a bad example.
Your North Carolina marriages are now protected. Please don't forget the rest of us. We are out here all alone and fighting the good fight. Wish us the best. My wife and I may soon be divorced, but our home will look professionally designed and my socks will go with my outfits.  

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