Friday, July 13, 2012

Who the hell plays POLO?

I have recognized for some time the need of EVERY organization, public and private, for a DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. 
The position originated in the Catholic church. Prior to the canonization of a saint it was the DA's job to argue against the “saint”. It was his job (in the beginning they were all hims — pun intended) to research the life and background of the candidate and find any reason why the church should NOT elevate the man or woman to sainthood.
Often referred to as the Pope's Pain in the Ass, the DA never-the-less prevented the canonization of Caligula and Henry VIII, despite a large lobbying effort by supporters.  
Every organization needs an independent, dedicated individual, answerable only to the owner, board, or Secretary, to sit in on major decision-making meetings and go, “Whoa, boy is that a dumb idea and here is why.”
If such a person had existed at the US Olympic Committee perhaps he or she would have pointed out that having the US uniforms made in China at this time (or any time) in our nation's political and economic history would be a really bad idea.
There would be no requirement to follow the suggestions of the DA. His or her job is to point out potential problems and start discussions. Perhaps if Ford had a DA the bean-counters responsible for the Pinto disaster might have been overruled.
I have been told that I am relatively bright, but my most notable feature (for better or worse) is that I am a fairly contrary individual. For the right salary I would fill that position for any organization. I'll even pay my own moving expenses; having the organization do it would send the wrong signal.   

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