Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kindle Envy

I've had several friends ask how they can read my books without a Kindle. The answer is simple. Go to Amazon and download the software on to your PC or Mac. Please note that my blog is being rebuilt and is a work in progress. Please have patience and stick with me.


  1. Hey, I posted a comment and it got sucked into cyberland. I'll try again, and if it doesn't work, we will have to move on to a more efficient form of communication--carrier pigeons or something. I love the book so far. What's not to love about shirtless, tatooed convicts beating each other up? One suggestion: MORE BODY FLUID talk--using the word "ropey" just brings it all home. Anyway, love it. Can't wait to get it on my book reader. Hurry up and post more. Cool cover art.

  2. Spoken like someone who has never been punched in the face by anyone other than a mean older brother. This is what Maria and Mahko were talking about. Thanks for the comment. Until Smashwords is straightened out and makes it available for other Readers (Sony etc.), you can follow the path above and download it on your PC.

  3. Hey man - I would love to read more but don't have a kindle or even the right kind of computer. Perhaps you can just keep posting some more snippets until my technology catches up. Thanks and looking forward to your next post.


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