Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lakshmi's Prayers

Lakshmi has asked me to continue to post “snippets” because she doesn’t have a Kindle or the “right kind of computer.” I can’t do that but I can do one better. 
“Mahko’s Knife” is now available at Smashwords.com.
Smashwords is a site that translates and sells Ebooks in multiple formats. One of them should work for any computer, just look at the list when you pull up the “Mahko’s Knife.” To go to Amazon click on this "Mahko's." To go to Smashwords click on this "Knife"
I started this whole Ebook project as an experiment. In addition to a fast and easy way to get my book out,  I am convinced that in less than ten (10) years paper books will go the way of LPs and 45s. Like 8-Track tapes and Beta format for your VCR, the only way you will be able to find a paper book is in an antique store or one of those pseudo-60s “book stores” selling rolling papers, ceramic pipes, posters of Bob Dylan, LPs and “books.”
With Ebooks you can load your backpack, purse or briefcase with a veritable library of material, hundreds of books in a few inches. You can carry classics from “Moby Dick” to “The Old Man and the Sea” to “Mahko’s Knife” in the space of a notebook. With the right software you can translate your own desktop and carry it with you.
I feel like a pioneer. I know that I am following in the digital footprints of others but I’m still out front.
Buy digital books. It’s easy, multiple formats, it’s cheap and you don’t kill trees.
 What’s the matter with you people; are you trying to destroy all of the forests? Mother Nature is weeping . Buy “Mahko’s Knife” at Amazon or Smashwords and save a damn tree. THE REVOLUTION STARTS HERE!!


  1. Thank you sir. I will soon make my way to amazon to purchase some version of mahko's knife that I can read from back here in the stone ages. I love me a good paperback but I feel better about myself already: I should have become a revolutionary sooner. Lakshmi

  2. Yo, Lakshmi, you probably want to go to the Smashwords site. Amazon only works with Kindles and PC downloads. At Smashwords you have a wider selection of download formats.

  3. Is guilt really the best marketing strategy? Thats right, save a tree--starve a logger. This guilt thing is kinda fun. I'll check out Smashwords--because I want to, NOT out of obligation to bleeding heart greenies. Even though I own a book reader, I feel the need to wear a black armband on Gutenberg's birthday.

  4. Sure, Whipple, hold on to the past and what do you get - paper cuts and a landfill full of old, unread copies of Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue"

  5. PS: It's not like quilt has never been used as a marketing tool before, Whipple. I remember some old geezer store manager guilting people into not "squeezing the Charmin."
    I wish I could remember what that iconic old coot's name was.

  6. Snarky comments about your followers is not the mark of a good cult leader.

  7. I don't want a cult. I want customers. I know that in religious circles it is most often the same thing but I like to keep religious adoration and business separate.

  8. hmm plastic and petroleum, or a renewable resource? hmmm. And yes you DO want a cult, but does it want you?


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