Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aw shucks, I'd blush if I knew how.

Misty Baker (a frequent visitor who reviews Ebooks and blogs on all things Kindle at: gave Mahko’s Knife” a great review. If I may be so self-promoting as to quote her:

“ The character development in this novel was stunning, leaving no man behind (even the most minute of characters had development paragraphs so you could understand their motive.) The majority of this novel is a chase (there are a few flashbacks stuck in for dramatic effect) but even with the immense amount of detail, (for example, explaining how the hero was planning each physical step he would take,) the flow never stalled. John O'Dowd delivered an action packed fight to stay alive from cover to cover, and as an added bonus left the reader to their own assumption in the final chapter. (This is usually annoying, but this time it was brilliantly fitting)
If you are an adrenaline junkie and enjoy the thrill of a well thought out chase then this is most definitely worth the cash.
There was an arrogant 2nd in command who had trouble walking, a girl who hated beans, boxing ring mishaps, miscalculated sleep cycles, and one hell of a torture scene that has now left me afraid of thermometers (even if I'm not a guy.)
This one is a good, relatively cheap read... get it, live it, love it...pass it on.”

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