Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mahko continues to fight.

Mahko’s Knife remains in the Top 100 of Men’s Adventure Books in the Amazon Kindle Store and is also available on Smashwords in multiple formats. I just joined Operation Ebook Drop and sent a code out to the troops for free copies. If they get a second and want to relax I hope they can do it with Mahko’s Knife. 
This whole process has been an experiment and a learning experience. I started writing Mahko’s story from his time in prison.  Mahko's Price was put on hold because Mahko’s Knife intruded on that process. I am finishing Mahko’s Price and it should be released before the end of the month. The third in the Mahko series is on the drafting board and will be out when ready. I’m sold on Ebook publishing and will be haunting Kindle, Reader and Nook sites for a long time.

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