Saturday, April 3, 2010

New List Rank

Dennis Batchelder has listed "Mahko's Knife" as #14 on Amazon's "New Thrillers by Authors Eager to be Read." I'd like to thank Dennis three times. First because he listed me. Second, because I am indeed eager to be read and last, because I have no idea who he is. For all of us out there trying to get our Ebooks noticed it is nice to be picked up and it is especially nice to be noticed by a stranger. Someone once said that home is the place where they have to take you in. After publishing an Ebook you can always count on family and friends to buy and review (if only to see if you've made a fool out of yourself). Dennis did not have to take me in, but he did. I hope others will take his word for it and at least download a sample and give it a try. Amazon's Kindle Books and Mahko's Knife

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  1. Dennis has "sold" a ton of books but he was on Kindle when Kindle was free--he sold his for a penny...but there are a ton of copies out there!



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