Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And the beat goes on...

I have discussed with a number of friends my opinion that this is going to be the least civil election in my lifetime, and I was there for the nuclear blast aimed at the Goldwater campaign. I anticipate the candidates, or super pacs on their behalf, working overtime to out-Willie Horton each other. I see the Obama camp playing to class warfare issues and the Romney camp tip-toeing along racial issues wrapped in the economy.
I am going to do what I can to keep track of the attack claims against the candidates. I think that maintaining that list will give a good feel for the desperation, anger, frustration and general lack of civility in the supporters of the various candidates.
I will do this, and update it periodically, based on posts that I get from “friends” on my newsfeed. I have an eclectic group of friends who love and hate the candidates in equal measure.
I will do this periodic report without my personal comment. Readers of my Blog are free to comment as they wish.
The newest sport is the posting of photos of the candidates with a caption added to the photo.
Since yesterday I have the posts outlined below (many times multiple posts) NOTE: this report does not include counts of pro and anti "liberal" posts — they run about even. It also does not include a count of cute cat and dog posts :

Pro-Obama or anti-Romney:
An Attack on Darrell Issa for going after Holder. The post pointed out that when he held hearings on women's reproductive rights he wouldn't let women testify. The post also claims that he has been detained on illegal weapons charges; accused of arson and arrested on auto theft charges.

Anne and Mitt Romney as animal abusers for both the dog and horse incidents.

Pro-Romney or Anti- Obama:
Debt ceiling: If your sewer backed up, would you raise the ceiling or pump out the crap?
Attack on NBC News for editing news to favor Obama
Claim that Obama Administration is going after Arizona in the wake of the SCOTUS decision.
Rush Limbaugh link attacking Obama
Obamas facing a crowd, arms extended, with the “quote”: “If you're stupid and you know it, raise your hand...”
Romney link “supporting” SCOTUS decision in Arizona case.

Cartoon: Congressman responding to claim that congress speaks at a 10th grade level: “10th grade where we send our kids, or 10th grade where you send your kids?”
University of Chicago PolySci prof. Objects to consideration of an Obama Library.

Anti-media: Fast and Furious will not be whitewashed

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