Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Alexandra D has picked me out.Listmania! lists on Amazon has listed me and my Ebook "Mahko's Knife" on the "Great Indie Authors on Kindle" list. I have never met Alexandra but I do have to credit her with reasonable taste in writers and books. Like the Academy Awards, it is beyond nice to be considered and also to be included with the other authors on her list. Thank you, Ms. D. for your consideration.


  1. What does this mean exactly? It sounds awfully exciting but you have to speak plain english: remember, I don't know the difference between a mac and a pc. The blog still looks great and I continue to be interested.

  2. Lakshmi, there are basically two types of personal computers: Apple (Macs) and all others. All of the others (PCs) run Windows software. MAC run it's own software. For the most part, programs set for one won't run on the other.
    Amazon Ebooks are set to be read on Kindles. If you don't have a Kindle you can download software to read it on your computer IF YOU HAVE A PC.
    If you have a MAC (it will have an apple on the cover of the laptop or on the desktop) then you will need to go to Smashwords to download most Ebooks in a number of different formats to include PDF format. You can follow the directions and the links in the post below.
    I don't do this kind of explanation for everyone but you have been a loyal and kind follower. I hope you can download the book and I hope you like it.


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