Saturday, February 12, 2011


I admit that it's been a long time since I updated this blog. I think I would spend more time on it if I could get some reader feedback. Anyway, I have a new publisher. Steve Price and Generation Next books has taken over the daunting task of getting people to read my books. Actually, getting people to read them is the job of the author. Selling them is his job – never mind.
I owe Scott at Haunted Computer books a big thanks. He got me in to this and helped me figure out some of the problems and speed bumps. He is moving on to working on his own books full-time and I wish him luck. He's a good guy and a good writer. He'll do well.
Back to Steve, the first thing he did was to create a new cover for the ebook of Mahko's Knife. It is striking and I like it. My son's cover will stay on the paperback version but take a look at Steve's new cover for the ebook. He is working on a new ebook cover for Pale Blue Jesus, it should be interesting.
I have had a number of readers ask about the back story for Mahko's Knife. They want to know how this all started. I am just about finished with the "prequel" and I think the plan is that Steven is going to combine the two in one ebook and release it as a set. At the same time, I have started the sequel to Mahko's Knife and Pale Blue Jesus.
The sequel to Pale Blue Jesus will involve the same characters (those still living after Pale Blue) and the same community. I see the Mahko series as a thriller and the Pale Blue series as mystery. It is fun to play with both genres. They are alike and different in many ways.
I would like to start a dialog with blog readers and discuss books, writing, politics, religion and the meaning of life. Chime in and let me hear from you, I will answer almost any question and respond to almost any comment.

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