Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mahko's Price

My new book, "Mahko's Price" has been sent to my publisher, Generation Next. I have done this in a reverse fashion. It's like I started with Mr. Hyde and then went back to Dr. Jekyll, back to the beginning.
A series is not usually written in reverse order but I am new at this. I gave you the story of Mahko running from the law, hiding in the mountains and honing his considerable survival skills by playing with the bounty hunters, killers and chasers who thought that he would be an easy reward. That story came to me first and it was: "Mahko's Knife"
The whole time I was writing it I had the back story (how Mahko started) in my head. I had to know how Mahko's story started even if you didn't.
Well, I finished and published "Mahko's Knife" and people started asking how it started. They wanted to know both the beginning and what happened to Mahko. I had a choice of writing a prequel or a sequel and I figured I couldn't wait any longer to tell the back story. "Mahko's Price" is the beginning of the story and I hope that Steve Price over at Generation Next will have it out soon.
In the mean time, I have started a new chapter in the life of Geoff Walker, Marshal of Paloma, New Mexico. He solved the mystery of the "Pale Blue Jesus" and is now faced with another strange murder in the small town. He has got to ask for a raise. He took this job to help the town and fill in until they could afford to hire a full-time police force. There are too many bodies for this to be fun.
When I finish that I will move on to the sequel in the Mahko series. Writing them in this order may not make any sense to you but it is the only way I can do it; have faith and patience.

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