Monday, August 8, 2011

New definition for BADASS

After a lot of work, I have reformatted all three of my books (Mahko's Price, Mahko's Knife and Pale Blue Jesus) and put them back up on Amazon. The Amazon staff was of invaluable aid in helping me and I thank them. There has been one glitch; I posted an announcement on FaceBook that all of my books are available. I attached a "thumbnail" of the Mahko's Knife cover. That post has taken on a life of it's own and pops up all over. While I appreciate the publicity, I would like to exercise some control. If it pops up on your status and you are bothered by it, I apologize. If you are not bothered by it, thanks for the help.
I have reduced the price of Mahko's Price (the first book in the Mahko series) to $0.99 to thank the readers for having patience. Please buy it, read it, and review it. You can go to the Amazon page for any book by clicking on the cover thumbnail to the right.
I think you will like Mahko. In the new Webster's Collegiate Dictionary they are listing "Mahko" as a definition for BADASS.

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